How Does One Effectively Access and Navigate the UAN Login Portal?

Navigating the UAN login interface correctly is crucial if you want to verify your EPF information quickly. The login site is where you access everything related to EPF, and UAN is similar to your unique EPF number. Here’s how to approach it correctly.

Step 1 is visiting the UAN location:

Start by launching your internet-connected device and entering the UAN site address. You might receive it from your coworkers or discover it on the official EPFO website. Once you’ve typed it, tap Enter to access the website.

Step 2: Locating a Place for UAN

Find the places on the UAN website where it says “UAN Login” or “Member Login.” Toggle that. It directs you to the location where you can view your EPF belongings.

UAN and Secret Code, Step 3:

They want your UAN and secret code on that new page. Look through your papers for your UAN. Don’t worry if you forget your code or never created one. Click the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot UAN” link to correct it. Do what they suggest and submit the requested information.

Performing the Secret Robot Check in Step Four

They could ask you to take a quick test to ensure you are not a robot. You either input the letters you see or solve a puzzle-like puzzle. Once you do it, you’ll be almost there.

Fifth step: EPF Land

You enter your UAN secret code and complete the robot task before entering the area where your EPF belongings are kept. There are numerous items and buttons that you can select.

The Buttons and Their Functions Step 6:

Account Information You learn about your EPF account now. Your name, contact information, and other details are included. Make sure everything is okay.

Pocket, You should review all the financial information here. You can view the money that you and your work have invested. You can check your financial situation.

Indicated by, Visit this page to modify your phone number or other information. You can also insert your ID credentials here so that they can identify you.

Step 7: Time to Say Goodbye

Remember to say farewell after inspecting your EPF items. In the top right corner, find “Logout” or “Sign Out,” and click it. This safeguards your belongings.

So, that’s how you successfully log in to UAN. It’s straightforward information that aids in your understanding of your EPF funds. Just remember to log out when you’re finished to prevent disclosure of your private information.

The Loop De Loop Thing is step eight.

The truth is that regularly using the login of the UAN process is a wise choice. Knowing how your financial stash is growing is similar to keeping your EPF mood in check. Plus, it’s a clever approach to ensure that all the money you worked hard for goes in the right direction.


Mastering UAN login is like obtaining a golden key to your EPF empire. You are aware of your finances, the contribution of your labour, and even double-checking your personal information like at 5paisa. If you follow these instructions, you’ll quickly become the EPF expert you never imagined you could be!


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